Thursday, December 15, 2016

BLOOD BOWL - The resurrection of the Black Gulf Buccaneers continues!

Just a quick update. I've completed a few more conversions for the Black Gulf Buccaneers (a redux of my 1994 Human Pirate team). Here's a Lineman with his torso twisted and shoulders hunched. He'll look great on the line!

You can't have a Pirate team without a hook hand and wooden leg. This is a reprise of Werner One-Leg, a Lineman who, despite his reduced movement, has scored him fair share of touchdowns!

A Norse Blitzer, Karl Wulfen, returns to take the ball and run with it!

Da Anchor! I originally modeled this guy with an anchor sticking through his helmet, just like the original created 22 years ago. A comment on the Blood Bowl Community FB page got me thinking, so I decided to switch things up for this edition. He is now carrying a more hefty anchor in his right hand. More photos of that once he's painted up : )

And finally, for this batch at least, here's my new version of my old team hero, Francois D'Atant. A head swap and some repositioning go the standard catcher's arms and I've got myself a pretty unique model!

Hope you all enjoy these. Probably no more posts this year. I'm off to Australia for Christmas. See you all in 2017!



  1. Very cool! Hadn't thought about the conversion possibilities of the BB plastic - those look great and have a ton of personality. Good stuff, man!

  2. Dave, as usual, your stuff is amazing! Now I see why Jeff Smith hates you so much (by the way he is out here in AZ now and a good friend of mine). Have you done anything with the Orks yet?

  3. The blue plastic throws it off a bit :-) I like the conversions, especially the Ogryn to Da Anchor, looks great!

  4. Good looking conversions - can I ask where you'd suggest sourcing alternative bits to do similar?