Monday, July 6, 2015

Do you remember when...

...I was working on my Imperial Knights?

I worked on some "custom decals" for my 30K version of the House Taranis iconography. These were pretty darn cool. A huge thank you to my friend Chris for tackling the printing of these for me.

There was only one real let down with the decals I had made. They didn't have white areas on them. Basically, if I wanted white, I'd have to paint over the decals once they were applied (or very carefully paint the white on the surface and apply the decals over it).

Well, those days are no more, because a long-time friend of the blog - Ron Gamble/Eye of Error - has launched a Kickstarter to create a business that can provide YOU (and me) with custom decals that INCLUDE WHITE!!!

I invite you all to head on over to his Kickstarter (HERE) that is almost funded, and get in early on the action!



  1. Ron, I didn't know you were Eye of Error the other day when I pm'd you, else I'd have done my hero worshipping grovel!