Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wargames Illustrated presents The HISTORICON Painting Competition - Year Two

Here's the Public Service Announcement to let you all know that although I'm no longer working full time for Wargames Illustrated, I will be running the Painting Competition at HISTORICON 2014.

Last year was the first year that WI had been involved in the running of the event, and with the promotional and logistical support of the HMGS crew (particularly Heather Blush and the Hobby University team) we had a very successful showing, around 130 entries. For coverage of the 2013 event, check out this link here.

This year will be more of the same (or hopefully more AND MORE), with the categories remaining the same and the medals ready to be draped around the winners necks. The competition will be run on Saturday July 19, between the hours of 9am and 6pm. At the moment it is unsure whether we'll be at the Flames Of War booth in the Vendor Hall, or in the hallway near the event registration.

Entries will be accepted from 9am until 12 noon. Judging will be complete by 4pm and entries can be collected (along with any awards) from 4pm until 6pm. Please note: entries will NOT be accepted earlier than 9am on the Saturday as we have no control over the security of the cases and will not accept liability.

For a rundown on the categories (and other rules) you can check out the Wargames Illustrated website here.

In addition to the custom medals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each of the ten categories, we have three additional prizes:

• Best of Show - the best painted entry into the competition will win this prize.
• Best of Theme - the best painted entry that fits with the theme of the convention (2014 is Big Wars, Little Soldiers - World Wars throughout time) will be judged by the HISTORICON convention director.
• The Iron Cross - sponsored by Battlefront, this will go to the best painted Flames Of War entry, and will be judged by the Battlefront representatives at the show.

I hope to see you in Fredericksburg in a few weeks from now!


Michael Jaques - Chasseur au Cheval


  1. I fondly remember winning the Historicon Painting Gold Medal several years ago with minis I both sculpted and painted. A great moment.

  2. Hey Stucarius, what models were they? Do you have a link to photos?

  3. Yeah, It was a unit of Macedonian Heavy cav from the figure line I sculpted. They were on the cover of ( I hope this is the right name) Historical Gamer Magazine? like issue 5 along with an LE Alexander The Great Fig I made. I'll look for some pics and post them if your interested. My Macedonian Cav were the first HIstorical 28mm cav to have a pivot point at the waist with free flowing caps etc....

    1. Stucarius, it would certainly be cool to see them. Let me know if you can track them down. Shoot pics over to my email address: tanithtaylor at gmail dot com

  4. BTW I LOVED your Mechanicum army at last years Games Day....Have you seen that new Warmachine fig that just released that would make an AMAZING tech Priest?

    1. Thanks for that. I haven't seen the WM fig, I'll have to go looking.