Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And now for something a little different...

Taking a break from all the Malifaux/Horus Heresy gaming fun, here's a little look at the start of a commission project. I'm painting up this Infinity Ariadna force for a friend of mine. He has quite a few of the models for this faction, and I'm painting up 17 of them. From what I understand, this faction is comprised of a "low-tech" collective of neo-Soviets, Americans, Brits (including Scots), and possibly a few others. The only guidance from my friend was "Urban scheme".

With a lot of Infinity tables (at least around here) going with a pale blue/grey/white colors scheme, this look seemed to fit well. The bases are from Dragon Forge Design, the Lost Empires set.

This model is an homage to Matthew McConaughey's character from Reign of Fire. I broke from color scheme a little on this one to get his fur-lined leather vest into the mix : )

I hope you like them so far.



  1. Pretty darn sweet. It is a nice paint scheme, well executed. You only lose a point for referencing the rather disappointing Reign of Fire :D

    1. I enjoyed Reign of Fire. I think it's main problem was that it took itself too seriously, otherwise...

  2. Looks great so far Dave. Can't wait to see the rest.

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  4. Yes, Van Sant ( the mini) was indeed inspired by Reign of Fire, but the movie has nothing to do with the game. Another special character from that faction, Uxia MacNeill, One of the minis was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games. The Acontecimento Regulars minis make reference to the cast of the TV show lost. The Guys at CB like making the pop culture references.

    Very nice take on the Ariadnans. Alot of people do them in the usual green/camo. Hmm, looks like you might have forgotten Van Sant's tattoos ;) Oh, and feel free to paint more Infinity minis. You'll be surprised at how very good they are. You've made an excellent start :)

  5. The flesh tones really stand out with this colour scheme Dave. Superb painting and basing as always.