Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smooth lines and interesting textures

A little change of pace for you all today. I've never really been a "car guy". I mean, I appreciate them, but I've never felt the need to get an old car and spend hours tinkering away in a back shed somewhere. I have toy soldiers for that ; )

Having said all of that, my dad and my father-in-law are "car guys", so when my parents' visit from Australia intersected with the National Street Rod Association show in York, PA, last weekend, I tagged along to admire the conversion work that many enthusiastic "hobbyists" (yep, just like we toy soldier hobbyists) had put into their treasured cars.

Here are a bunch of photos I took of cars I liked the look of (or at least an element of), and some interesting paint jobs.

Above: I really liked the subtle color scheme of this old Ford

Above: I loved the solid lines of this great car.

Above and Below: Such a great way to preserve the paint in the state it was uncovered in a barn.


Above and Below: We also made a trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Annex, where I got to take a close up look at the Space Shuttle Discovery. I was amazed by the interesting texture on the shuttle itself. We're so used to seeing long distance shots of the shuttle, or smooth plastic kits, but the real shuttle is incredibly rough and "patchworked" in appearance. Very cool.

Above: And finally, here's an almost Orky hotrod with two V8s in series. Apparently you can run it with one engine, 
or engage both with some tricky engineering. Of course, with both running it chews through the gasoline!



  1. What barbarity of cars, they are works of art with wheels. I to like your Dave, I am fond neither of the cars, nor old men, not new, but a member of my family, as good mechanic, it collects small European jewels, and does little it had to reject his only American piece, a Pontiac of the 40s that it obtained to restore, but only it was serving to sell iron to the weight.

    A greeting, and always it is nice to breathe.

  2. This touches near to my heart Dave. Growing up in a car and biker family, I am known as the "white sheep" as I have no knack or love for wrenching. I have put my painting skills to work and done some pin striping and hack job flames on a couple of rods though.

    Love the rusty car- "patina" awesome!


  3. What's not to like!

    Thanks for sharing the images.


  4. I love cool cars and old 1930s-50s especially, anyone who frequents my blog gets to see my 1951 Ford and knows that I like go-karts also. If it burns rubber, makes noise, and has cool looking paint, I like it. Thanks for sharing those pics.

  5. Great pics and great cars. The first two are my favorites. Thx/Hans

  6. It's like Carmen's Fun Painty time in 1:1 scale !

  7. Yeah, old cars too. but lack the knowledge, time and money to make something nice.
    Do you have a complete shot of the patina car?

  8. Patina. Making old rat rods completely bad azz since 1953 :)

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