Saturday, April 14, 2012

A little bit of Napoleonic help please?

Ok, so work continues on lots of different things for Adepticon next weekend. I've just posted a couple of photos of completed ox-drawn water cart objectives over on the Guns of April blog, go check them out ; )

Above you can see the work in progress photos of my 7th Hussar. Things are trucking along nicely, but last night I hit a bit of a snag.

On his left arm he has this little band. It is neat, and doesn't really look like a bandage, but it also doesn't look too much like a black band of mourning (or something like that). I'm guessing it might be an identification band, marking him out as a member of a particular troop or squadron.

Do any of the Napoleonic buffs that check out my blog a) know what it is and b) what color it should be?



  1. It is quite literally an "Arm Band"! They were worn by Staff Officers of Generals and Marshalls and as far as I know came in three colours.

    Light blue for Brigade Generals SO, red for Division Generals SO and white for Field Marshalls SO. Each would have had gold embroidery at the edges and ends.

    Hopefully, you can use this information to find out more accurate details.

    Sorry I can't be more help...

    1. Hi Oink

      Thanks mate, that's very helpful. I'll start a bit more research on that angle. I'm thinking that red or white will look best, but will need to check with the deployments in Egypt to get it close to right.


    2. That's certainly how things developed into the Empire, so it's pretty likely something similar applies during the slightly earlier 'post-Revolution' army. Other things about the figure make me think it's quite likely to be a fairly senior regimental officer, so a 'secondment' to the staff isn't unlikely.

      Given the conditions in Egypt, though, you can have a lot of leeway in the colour scheme you pick for the armband, they did tend to 'use what was available' if you are planning on the figure being an active participant in the campaign - I wonder if the original sculpt is based on some comment in a memoir for the period, sadly I don't have much material for the Egyptian campaign so can't really check that out.

      As a note, there's a nice 'recreation' of a slightly later, and much more ornate, version of the armband style here :

      Campaign versions made during the expedition, of course, would tend to be simpler ;)

    3. and now I can demonstrate I'm an idiot, since the figure is a much later period one you're converting, so any memoir from Egypt rather fails to be relevant.... I'll still stick to the 'colours may be optional on service in Egypt' theory though .