Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 7th Hussars in Egypt

With Adepticon rapidly approaching, I'm pleased to say that it seems we'll reach almost all of our goals for our Guns of April project. Lots of last minute painting (most of it seeming to be the cavalry components), and a little bit of fun modeling and objective building, and we'll be there. Expect to see a lot of posts on the GOA blog over the next two weeks.

Anyway, with that wrapping up, it seems I might have time to try to get an entry sorted for the Crystal Brush. Inspired by several paintings by Keith Rocco of a trooper of the French 7th Hussars in Egypt in 1798-99 (two of which you can see above) I've started on the model and have most of the conversion work done now. I've take a Perry Miniatures Hussar officer (from one of their 1815 command packs) and swapped his head for one from the plastic Hussars boxed set. A little putty work to give him the early Hussar boots, extend the flamme (I think that's what it's called), ensure his cap cord was attached to the mirliton headwear, and give him the late 18th Century hairdo was all that was required.

Next up is adding the final basing material and priming before I get stuck into the fun painting!

Wish me luck : )



  1. Good luck with the crystal Brush!
    I wonder if my Wife would let me sneak away to Adepticon this year to see first hand all of the cool stuff...

    Ron, FTW

  2. This is a very nice little miniature/conversion.

    I look forward to seeing it painted-up.


  3. Hey - congrats on getting on the GW site again! I saw your (awesome) Nuln up there for Armies on Parade again today.