Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Stuff Day, the 2nd.

 Old Stuff Day original art by

Another March 2nd has come upon us, and thankfully I can just squeeze in this "Old Stuff Day" post. Born as a way to bring new life back to old posts by Rob at Warhammer 39,999, there are quite a few bloggers who enjoy digging back into the past. I'm one of those guys. Here is last year's OSD post.

However, this time around I'm going to dredge up something older (and more amusing) than any post on this blog.

Back in 2005 I created two "life-sized", stuffed Gnoblars for use at a crazy Games Day event - Gnoblar Punting. Creating the patterns, cutting the cloth, and hand-stitching it all was certainly a labor of love. My wife was incredibly surprised by my sowing skills, especially given the number of undarned socks in my dresser drawers. The Gnoblar above and his partner in crime (not pictured here) went to quite a few Games Days and had the snot kicked out of them by enthusiastic punters.

The reason I bring him up tonight, of all nights, is that I've just repaired this one and given him to my almost three-year old daughter, who has promptly named him "just the Gnoblar".

I hope you like him as much as she does : )



  1. I like what you did there calling the attendants punters. I enjoy English and other slang.

    Also, the doll is great.

  2. Ihope no one is watching when i say this, "cool doll!"
    I think you should have a go at a life size ogre next?! ;0)

  3. I really like this Gnoblar doll.

  4. You always take it to the next level, Dave. Well done.