Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally, I have some Morr!

Well, with most of my Guns Of April commitments behind me (just casualty and disruption markers, and objectives, and the table, and a few horses here and there to go) I figured it was time to get back to the Procession Of Morr.

I've still not heard any confirmation of the Empire rumors that are doing the rounds, so I thought it best to get stuck into units that won't be changing in any way - the flagellants and spearmen. Above you can see the next eleven flagellants underway, I hope to have them finished by this time next week (he says with fingers firmly crossed).

Above you can see my start on sculpting the heads/masks for my spearmen and artillery crew. From left to right we have: the beginnings of three Venetian-style masks that will have hooked noses and exposed mouths and chins, the start of three Plague Doctor-style masks (primarily for the artillery crews and attendants), and two new heads that will probably be split in their treatment. Looking good so far, but a bit of work to go.

Mantic's Corporation!

I have ten of these models sitting here to the side of my desk, just waiting to be painted. Please offer up some color scheme suggestions in the comments and we'll see what happens to them ; )



  1. For your Corporation (Awesome alternative to Elysian Drop Troop), you can try either a khaki cloth, brown leather, and drab green armor for a WWII feel, or black armor for more modern.

  2. ... I know Citadel colours, so I'll stick with those as my recommends:
    Camo Green cloth bits, Codex Grey armour.

  3. Dave, since you asked me for my idea in the last post, I'd say give them a good go with either WW2 Pea Dot or Brickyard camo (both were German).

  4. Great sculpting and equally great post title Dave!

    1. Dude, I am going to ride that pun into the ground! ; )

    2. It would take a Morron to not appreciate the puns. :)

  5. I'm gonna go against the grain and say orange fatigues (I figure that a corporation is going to want to put its army into its own colors and this corporation is associated with the color orange) with light grey armor. Might end up looking like a Rebel pilot but so be it.

  6. Really, REALLY enjoying this Empire theme, and the work you're putting into it. Makes me want to push myself in my sculpting skills farther than my comfort zone. Which is always a good thing :)

  7. Dave, great job on switching out the horses. I so wish they would have refreshed in the first wave the old barded warhorse. I think it might be one of the oldest models in the warhammer line. With so many cool steeds in the game (pistoleer's, chaos marauder & knight, etc.) it's a shame the trusty empire knight didn't get refreshed. Looking forward to catching up at Adepticon!