Monday, August 22, 2011

More Tanith on the way

In my now traditional "blogging from the beach" post, I thought I'd start to get you caught up on some of the Tanith units I'm currently working on. These are part of a long-term, slow-burn commission. You can check out my other posts on the commission by clicking on the Tanith tag in my long list of tags on the right.

As I think I've mentioned before, the intent of this army is to create a "best of" army that will eventually include all the major and almost all of the minor Ghosts characters. They're being put on sandy/high desert bases reminiscent of the long march up to Hinzerhaus (from Only In Death).

Above are Meryn's squad. Meryn is the sergeant up front right, with the Maximini commando head, the camo cloak, and tube charges. To his left is Dalin Criid, acting as his vox-trooper (also sporting the beret that his "father" Caffran is/was famous for. Behind them are a mix of Tanith, Verghast, and Belladon troopers. Quite a few of them have their cloaks folded and draped over their backpacks (many of which are from Secret Weapon).

This is Domor's squad. Sergeant Domor was injured in an early encounter in the life of the regiment, and has since sported bulky augmetic eyes that look a lot like an animal native to Tanith. The Ghosts have since called him Shoggy (the animal he now looks like). Above he also wears his camo cloak unfurled, something that'll become a bit of an indicator you are looking at a sergeant (or officer). On the other end of the front rank is Rhenn Merrt. Wounded by Eldar on Monthax, Merrt's clumsy augmetic jaw has been his defining feature. It has caused no end of problems, including the loss of his marksman lanyard. (Spoiler alert: he may be getting that back in Salvation's Reach).

And finally, here are a few details of the four named characters from this batch. From left to right: 'Shoggy' Domor, Meryn, Merrt (with his famed 0E4TH punishment lasgun), and Dalin Criid.

There may be one more post this week, or I might be too busy relaxing with my family on the beach or poolside. I love the last week of August!



  1. Beautiful work! I'm started re-reading the first Gaunt omnibus over the weekend, and I really like your take on the Ghosts. Can't wait to see what's next - enjoy your vacation in the meantime!

  2. These look excellent, Dave. I love "Shoggy" Domor and the augmetic eyes. But where's the lovely Tona Criid?

  3. I was wondering if he had already converted Tona as well. haha.

    I've been rummaging through my White Dwarf's lately. I was looking for specific pics of John Schaeffer's Angels of Absolution terminators and some space marine model that I remember Tim Lison painted because I wanted to steal an idea I remembered of his. haha.

    Anyway, I flipped through pretty much the whole era when you, Buyaki, and Schaeffer were killing it with hobby articles in WD. I was rereading the original Geswick Rifles article last night before bed. Great stuff. I'm glad I still can come here and follow what you're up to - its always inspirational.

  4. I love the Ghost's you do, especially since im re-reading only in death right now (one of my favorite books), anyway i love the spot on theme you get, the only thing i could find was that Merrt does not have his augmetic jaw (as far as i can tell), also did you trim the shoulder pads to get those square edges, if so thats brilliant for looks and highlighting ease

  5. These are AMAZING! I'm a huge fan of the Ghosts, and to see them brought to life by someone of your skill is a seriously cool treat. Keep 'em coming!

  6. I don't know the Ghosts novels, but thanks to you, i'll read them

  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

    @Sidney - she's on the roster but not anytime soon. Gives me some time to work out how best to model her.
    @Nick - that was certainly a fun time, working On all those projects.
    @Njal - I used the heavily scarred head from the Cadian command sprue as it has a definite pull to the jaw. I figure not all augmetics are on the outside. Also the shoulder pads are all trimmed down from Cadian pads. It makes for a standard look that isn't quite Cadian, but isn't too costly for the commissioner. (great screenname by the way!)

  8. These are great, did you do any more Tanith?