Sunday, October 31, 2010

It always starts with the Zombies!

I couldn't let Halloween go by without another post, this time starting on my week-long rundown of the great figures and accessories for a fun game called Incursion, created by my mates at Grindhouse Games.

I've mentioned it a few times before, but Jim Bailey sent me through a boxed game, an Allied Starter Set, a German Starter Set, plus the Fenris Games resin accessories. I've finally finished painting all of these things and will run through them over the next seven days (then put the whole lot up on eBay as another charity Auction for John and Justin.

Above you can see the eight zombies you get in the German Starter Set. There are six Sturmzombies and two Bomberzombies. I chose a fairly simple "recently dead" scheme for their skin. It was:
• Dheneb Stone basecoat
• Ogryn Flesh wash, Leviathan Purple wash
• Dwarf Flesh highlight
• Dwarf Flesh/Skull White highlight

The blood splatters I saved til the very end, but used a combination of Gloss Varnish and Scab Red, applying it in a not completely random fashion.

The coolest thing about these zombies are that they are the re-animated corpses of soldiers from both sides. The figures had been carefully crafted to have recognisable remnants of Axis or Allied uniforms.

These first two (a Sturmzombie left and Bomberzombie right) are former Nazi soldiers. Rather than stick completely to historical uniforms I tried to copy the wonderful paintjob on the Incursion site. Unfamiliar with a lot of the Vallejo paints, that I knew would be up to the task, I experimented a little and decided these guys would look best in a basecoat of Chaos Black/German Field Grey. This was then highlighted with German Field Grey. The uniform was then washed with Badab Black. The jackboots were basecoated black and highlighted by mixing in greys. I know this isn't a completely historically accurate scheme, but then again... we are talking about Nazi Zombies here.

These three walking dead are former British soldiers, two Sturmzombies and a Bomberzombie (right). For their fatigues I basecoated with Beige Brown, quickly highlighted by mixing in Bleached Bone, and finally washed the fatigues with Ogryn Flesh then Devlan Mud.

For these three American zombies (all Sturmzombies) I had to dig a little further. My mate Brien showed me a cool blog where the blogger had laid out his paint plan for paint US troops for Flames of War, so I followed those recipes.

Armour plates (helmet):
• Olive Drab basecoat
• Olive Drab/Brown Violet highlight
• Brown Violet highlight

• Brown Violet basecoat
• Brown Violet/Green Grey mix highlight
• Green Grey highlight

• Olive Drab basecoat
• German Camo Medium Brown highlight
• German Camo Medium Brown/US Field Drab mix highlight

Some great practice for future infantry painting projects.

So, that's it for Halloween. Enjoy your trick or treating, vote in my poll, and I'll see you tomorrow for more!



  1. Dave, Glad to see you are having fun with painting these. I picked them up for my shop and have been dying to buy a box of them for myself as grindhouse does some fantastic models. Great work, and cheers on the charity work. I do a lot of it myself and it is hard to get people to open their wallets in these tough times so to see you going about it this way is very commendable. I hope you have had a lot of trick or treaters because I have only had 7.

  2. Hi Alex

    Everything that Jim and John do is top quality, very impressive.

    We had a lot of trick-or-treaters in our little neighborhood, at least 130!