Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well-disciplined, well-equipped...

Every time Dan Abnett describes the Blood Pact they are a well-trained, well-disciplined, well-equipped, and utterly ruthless. You always get the impression that in a simple, stand-up fight that the Imperial forces would break and run well before the Blood Pact. It is the Tanith's pesky leaders and heroic actions that keep them in the fight and win them the day.

Hopefully my new Blood Pact army can change some of that.

Here's their leader, who'll get Heroic Senior Officer stats:
I used the Forgeworld Renegade Militia Commander with a couple of simple conversions. I added a small nose and lines on either side of his mouth so that I could paint his face like an iron grotesque (mask) that is common to the Blood Pact. The chainsword usually embedded in his arm was swapped out for a power sword, so much better for slicing through power armor.

I don't have him on a base yet as I'm still working out exactly what style base I'm going to use. It'll probably be an urban wreckage style, but I'll have to do something suitably "heroic" for this guy.

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