Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some more paint on the Pact!

As the "Sentinel/Stalk Tank" was the one of the first models to be built, it was also one of the first to get "the treatment". With lots of Chaotic things going on with the models in this army I'll need to use the paint job to keep as cohesive a look as possible across it all.

The step-by-step approach is as follows:
• Prime model black
• Heavy drybrush of entire model with Tin Bitz
• Lighter drybush of entire model with Boltgun Metal
• Successive washes on metal parts with Badab Black, patches of Thraka Green, and Devlan Mud
• Sharp edge highlight of the metal parts with Mithril Silver
• Paint fatigues/panels with Dark Flesh, highlight up two or three times by adding more Kommando Khaki, final glaze with Dark Flesh/Devlan Mud mix
• Paint other elements as required

Once I finished the Sentinel I moved on to the Command Squad and applied "the treatment". The chief additional color here is on the hoods. These were basecoated in Khemri Brown and highlighted up by adding in more Kommando Khaki in successive layers. The final highlight is a Kommando Khaki/Skull White Mix. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, I hope you like them.


  1. They look great Dave. How big a force are you going for?

  2. I'm thinking around 3,000 points. Probably a regular playable list up to around 2,000 with some fun Apocalypse only goodies thrown in. There's just so much scope: hordes of vicious killers, loads of crazed stalk tanks, and plenty of regular and converted tank action - so it could be 4,000 points by the time I'm done.

  3. That looks fantastic, Dave.

    I'm glad to see you're still around. 2008 was my first year doing any tournaments and you were one of the big reasons why I had so much fun.

    If you'd ever like to get a game in sometime let me know. I'm only 45 minutes south of Baltimore and can meet anywhere you'd like :)

    Casey Campbell

  4. Hi Casey

    We'll have to try and catch up once I've got this army done and play a game. Perhaps at a GW store or maybe the independent you regularly meet at. Keep an eye on my progress ; )


  5. Sounds good, Dave! I usually play at the Game Parlor in Chantilly, VA. We're going through a bit Fantasy push right now as I'm running a Fantasy Escalation League. A lot of the players in the League are tracking their progress on a wiki I created at http://ironfistleague.pbwiki.com if you're interested.

    I'd love to play against your Blood Pact when they're done! My Vostroyans are close to being finished, but I've got 5 other armies too :)

    Take care Dave!