Monday, October 10, 2016

Decisions have been made!

Thanks very much for all your excellent suggestions. I'm ready to get started on a few new projects and filming some more "discussion" style videos, so that it's a bit easier to understand how I think about/plan out my projects. If you have any questions about these new projects, please click on the link below and start asking away.


PS. I hope this works ; )


  1. Sweeeet - Rather excited to see your take on the cult! Just starting up a new run at them myself, and put together a trio of Goliaths over the weekend. It's a surprisingly fiddly kit to assemble but looks pretty cool in-hand. Have you decided on a color scheme? I'm torn between yellow or orange cloth to set off against the blues/purples of the 'stealers...

    Naturally I'm super jazzed to hear you're going back to the Death Guard as well, Heresy goodness for the win!

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