Saturday, September 17, 2016

WRATH OF KINGS - My Nasier collection

Sooooooooo busy! Working 60+ hours a week and raising two crazy kids. But enough of my excuses. MOAR toy soldiers!

Over the past nine months I've been working part-time for CoolMiniOrNot, anywhere from one to two weeks out of each month, focusing on marketing and promotional planning for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. I know I've posted some of my Dark Age minis before, but not my WOK stuff.

Well, today that changes. I've ben in a bit of a frenzy lately, painting up the second half of my Nasier collection so that I can take it with me over to see the team at Beasts of War. That's right, we'll be filming a bunch of videos about Wrath of Kings and I wanted to have PLENTY of options to discuss with the guys.

So, here they all are, ready to be packed away into a suitable travel case.

Above are my Ashmen Swordsmen, with two Ashmen Hakars (their leaders).

Here are my Pelegarth Bloodmasks, with two Pelegarth Howls (their leaders).

And above are my first Rank 2 Infantry, the Fel Hammers, led by one of The Unmasked.

These are my current Rank 1 Specialists. From left to right: The Longhorn, Arkazan Greatwing, and the Rathor.

These are my recently completed Rank 2 Specialists. From left to right: Shadrus Arikim, The Bloodchild, and the Blind Hakar.

And finally, my Rank 2 Leaders. From left to right: Elsis Tagil, Alyana Heska, and Arkan Thesh.

Wrath of Kings is a great game, where your tactical decisions on the tabletop can make or break your game. No unit is unstoppable, here's a counter to everything, ad good decision making is key.

Also, CMON provides the rules and units cards for free on the WOK website, if you want to check it out HERE : )



  1. Kids are almost as rewarding as miniatures... Ok, the are slightly better...

    They look very models good indeed!

    1. Yes, kids are rewarding, but I like that my minis don't talk back ; )

  2. Some nice stuff there. Very inspiring.

  3. Lovely work, man - I was sorely tempted by the models in the booth at Nova, and I really dig how those turned out!

  4. I wish CMON had you paint zombicide stuff.

  5. Great work as usual Dave! What did you use for the Pelegarth skin? It looks to have a more "purple" look than "gray."

    1. Thanks, mate. Yep, I started with other a base of 1:1 Hexed Lichen: Light Grey, or 1:1 Genestealer Purple: Light Grey. I highlighted up by adding in Light Grey, and then some white. Hope that helps : )

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