Sunday, August 28, 2016

SAGA - A 6pt Crusader Warband

And here are the Crusaders, second to last SAGA warband for this hefty commission. My client wanted to go with a Hospitalier look, and for a minute I thought I'd be painting lots of white! A quick Google search and I discovered I was looking at lots of black : )

Final war band will be on the blog tomorrow!


  1. They look great, Dave! The only thing I don't like is nothing to do with your work, it's that in a Hospitalier or other Knightly Order warband, there shouldn't be any of those lunatic angry monks.

    5 points + Priest of some form for 6?

    1. Hi Jake, two points of the mounted Huscarls, two points of the Warriors (spearmen and bowmen), one point of the angry monks, and one point of the character, Godfrey.

    2. Cheers Dave! Not as familiar with C&C as I am Dark Ages warbands.

      Eagerly awaiting the Sub-Roman version early next year.

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