Monday, July 11, 2016

POST-APOC - Survivors from Brigade Games (part 1)

I'm still crazy busy at the moment, so I thought I might show you a few models that I painted earlier in the year. These cool, post-apocalyptic figures are from Brigade games and were part of a Kickstarter that Lon ran. The models are now available on the Brigade Games site HERE.

During this busy time, I think I'll post up a few more of these groups until I have some time to breathe and consider what's next for my personal hobby time : )


  1. Fabulous, I was tempted by these easier in the year and might still have to pick them up now having seen how well they turned out.

    1. They are very cool. Loads of character in this set. I think these ones are closer to "Wastelanders" than the "Survivors" I labelled them as before, but more survivors to come : )

  2. Fellow with the cane and the mask is my absolute favorite. Great job Dave!