Friday, March 11, 2016

WARLORD - Part 17, More Painterly!

Another week, another update (although I expect there'll be two next week).

This time I've painted about 70% of the torso, and it is really starting to come together : )

I hope you enjoy.



  1. Heya, this is Justin from, I'm also building a warlord. Super helpful videos! I'm about to start my own gold trim, and am having problems with the new GW metallics... thin coats = no coverage, and thick coats dry 'chunky.' What paint(s) / techniques are you using to lay down your gold trim on this scale? Thanks in advance for any pointers! :)

    1. hi Justin, try retributor armour (the newish) GW gold. Fantastic coverage straight out the pot, it's helping my Makabuis Knights trim no end.

    2. For my gold trim I start with a layer of Vallejo Games Color Hammered Copper, followed by a highlight of VGC Glorious Gold, and a final highlight of a mix of Glorious Gold and VMA Aluminium. Where needed I'll add a thin wash of purple.

    3. Thanks! I'll try both. I think I have a pot of the retributor armor that I just picked up in the hopes that it'd be better than the other stuff. I'll also pick up the VGC colors. I'm going to be doing approximately a million linear inches of armor trim so might as well spend some time carefully choosing the gold recipe. :)

  2. This is starting to give The Grave Guns Legio Astorium, and Drake Setas Legio Morris WLT's a run for their money. No suprise your getting happy with the build!