Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back from AdeptiCon - Loads of Crowdfunding!

Well, AdeptiCon 2015 was fantastic! Such a massive and exhausting weekend that I am still getting settled back into the swing of things after returning home on Sunday night. I'll post a few photos later in the week, as well as a review and some information from my painting classes.

Until then, however, I thought I'd take a few minutes to show you a handful of crowdfunding projects that friends of mine have running at the moment. They're all for different genres of games/toy soldiers, and all seem like a lot of fun.

First up, my friends at Soda Pop Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for their new chibi-style ninja board game, Ninja All Stars! In the game you get to play rival ninja clans that are sneaking around outside a Japanese cast in the middle of the night. It's a simple KS, with only a single pledge level and lots of scope for masses of models as stretch goals are crushed. As I type, it is about 160% funded and still has 27 days to go.

The next one to show off is much smaller in scope, and is from a regular reader of this blog. Nick Baran is taking some of his first steps towards building a miniatures line for a game he has been developing over the last couple of years, Broken Contract. He has developed the rules for the small-scale, underground mining, skirmish game and has those available now as a free download on his Broken Contract blog. Nick's Kickstarter is to fund the first eight miniatures from the range (enough for the initial game), and at the time of typing he's at 75% funding with 18 days to go. Nick is also pushing to build his Facebook presence, so if you are on the Facebooks, I suggest you go show him some love (and help unlock a few models along the way).

Another old colleague of mine, Joe Krone, and his Watchful I Studio have launched a Kickstarter for their first miniatures range, the Chinese Warring States. The primary goal is to get a line of historical miniatures into production, with stretch goals looking to add some more "fantastic" elements into the mix, such as Terracotta Soldiers and Temple Dogs. Where were these guys when I was building my Cathay army back in the day? At the time of typing, the Chinese Warring States project is 65% funded with 29 days to go.

And finally, my friends over at Mantic are running their next Kickstarter in order to help expand their range of miniatures for the Deadzone game/Warpath world. With essentially two simple pledge levels, you can start to get your hands on not only the elite of the Pathfinders and the hordes of chittering Veer-myn, but some of the cool new industrial sector scenery from their Battlezones range. I'll be putting some of the standard range together in the coming weeks for my work on a host of Relic Knights articles. Should be fun : ) At the time of typing, this one is 360% funded, with 13 days to go.



  1. I think I can speak for all the owners above and say "Thanks Dave" for posting our Kickstarters and helping us out. I appreciate the support. :)

    Watchful I Studio
    aka: old colleague
    aka: Joe Krone

  2. Everyone really needs to support Broken Contract. Nick Baran is such a nice guy that he fired me from a nerds dream job (GW) and we are still great friends 15 years later.

    Might want to stay away from his musical tastes though, a little loud for me ;)

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