Friday, September 13, 2013

A wee little fellow

Continuing my recent theme of not having a theme, here's my version of Seamus, from the Puppet Wars game by Wyrd. I started on this guy months and months ago, and until the week before NOVA he languished on my painting desk. I felt I needed a "new" miniature for my Fantasy entry at the NOVA Open Painting Competition, so I jumped in and finished this guy off.

He didn't place, but he certainly was fun to work on. I hope you like him.

Additionally, I've just put up a post on our Guns of April blog about next year's activities. If you are interested in historical gaming, you should head over and check it out. It involves Frenchmen running around under the hot sun of Egypt.



  1. Those Frenchmen look just superb!!


  2. Nice work Dave, so how can the author of LotHS get in on this action at Adepticon in 2014?