Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazy Busy, and a few promos...

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, lots of work, lots of summer family fun, lots of hobby, and lots of travel! It's been so busy that I haven't actually completed anything. I had to pull the plug on getting the Riptide finished for Golden Demon. It was looking close, but I just knew it wouldn't be completed to my standards in time. I'll still be finishing it, just a few days "late".

Anyway, on to telling you about a few Facebook pages you should check out. The first is the brand new Wargames Illustrated Facebook page. Started just over a week ago, Dan and I were busy over the weekend, updating it pretty constantly from the largest historical gaming convention in the US - HISTORICON. If you are on the Facebooks, head to the page, "like" us, and check out our photos and videos : )

Another page I urge you to check out is the Grindhouse Games Facebook page. A few years back I painted up a bunch of the wonderful INCURSION miniatures and auctioned them off for charity. You can check out all the Incursion posts here. Well, Jim and the Grindhouse crew are putting together a Kickstarter to re-launch Incursion (and the supplement SNAFU) the way they always pictured doing it. The Grindhouse Games Facebook page has been filled with lots of info and very cool new art! I suggest you head over there and keep up to date.

Hopefully posting might return to normal next week, after a fun-filled weekend in Memphis at Games Day. Wish me luck on my Armies On Parade entry (or if you are there, be sure to vote for me).


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