Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Building Better Worlds.

Well, my friend at Secret Weapon Miniatures continues to surprise and delight! If you haven't seen their Tablescapes Kickstarter yet, then head on over now. I'll wait until you get back : )

Misterjustin and the crew at Secret Weapon put out a load of great, top-quality products, and this one promises to be no different.

I've pledged for the 4'x8' set, and was only seconds off getting the early bird deal. That'll teach me to pledge to a project before an hour has elapsed.

"Crowdfunding" is a very interesting thing, and I had told myself that I wouldn't pledge to anther one before anything arrived from the other three I have pledged to arrived. One of them will hopefully be on time (Dream-Forge wave three next month), one is slightly delayed (Free Mars) and one has seen considerable delays, but is now hopefully arriving in a month or so (Massive Voodoo artbook).

This opportunity though, to help out a friend and perhaps get some more gaming in, was too good to resist, and now I'm hoping the Trenchworks board funds....



  1. Saw this a few days ago Dave. Waiting for more stuff to unlock before pledging, since I'm not a major fan of the opening set. Still, good stuff all around!

    That, and I'm saving up the cash for a 3d printer to FINALLY get you those Lamenter's objectives I promised you ages ago - Shapeways has turned into an epic saga of suck, so I'm just going to buy the kit to do it myself.

    Speaking of Kickstarters, your other pal Col Gravis has one up ;) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/649754189/28mm-steampunk-inspired-heavy-weapons-and-carriage

  2. These look really good Dave. I am on my way to the KS right now, but also wanted to wish you and Rob and everyone else from the crew a safe trip and a good time at Adepticon.