Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Quite a while back (2006, I think), I built and painted this Pre-Heresy Death Guard assault marine. It is based on a lovely piece from the Horus Heresy artbooks from Black Library. I entered it at the Golden Demons that year and won a silver trophy in the Staff Single Miniature category, beaten out by my friend Jake.

I was enthusiastic about Death Guard at the time, so I built a 1000 point force to take to Adepticon 2007 as part of a Pre-Heresy themed force (including World Eaters, Emperor's Children, and Thousand Sons)

Building that force, then reading Flight of the Eisenstein, made me want to build a Nathaniel Garro, which I entered in the Open category of Golden Demon in Chicago that year. I didn't place but I was deeply satisfied with the posing of the model. I wanted the moment captured to be the one where Garro, tired of having his loyalty questioned by Rogal Dorn, presents his own sword - Libertas - to the Imperial Fist primarch and basically says "Look, if you don't believe me, take my sword and cut me down now. Stop wasting my time and yours."

Well, some time last year - back when I was still taking commissions - I accepted a job to build Garro in a similar style, but much more dynamic. With Libertas outstretched and his new bionics getting a workout, the future of the Inquisition prepares to bring swift death to Humanity's foes.

With the pending release of the Grey Knights I figured it might be a good time to cast our minds back to the earliest days of the Imperial Inquisition. : )

The Emperor Protects.


  1. Good looking stuff my friend .... I love the first picture !

  2. On of my favourite characters in the series and you have done a fantastic job. Personally I like the third rendition with his bionics the best.

  3. Dave-
    Thanks for posting these, I am planing a pre-heresy death guard force and have been collecting up for it.

    It will be a bit like my Nurgle Death Guard army with updated OOP vehicles.

    I thought of using Garro as the detachment leader.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. Nice stuff!
    I really like the Pre-Heresy Death Guard assault marine.
    How did you build the chainsword? It looks very handcrafted, with a good pre-heresy design. I'd like to see some WIP pics!

  5. The color gradients in the white of the assault marine's power armour are awesome! The cracks and dints look very great, too.

    Too bad you didn't keep that standard for the other Death Guard marines, it would look impressive.

  6. I fondly remember in the old Epic rule book, (Space Marine actually) the small story blurb about the loyal 77 marines from the chapters who joined Horus that stayed loyal to the emperor.

    I've always thought that would be a great theme to make an army round.

  7. Excellent as always man. Any chance we can get some additional views of the assault marine?