Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Announcement!

Well, now that the dust has almost settled on the Storm Wardens project, with just the winner to be drawn (this Sunday, July 25, in a special episode of Jawaballs Live!), I've had a chance to take stock of everything going on in my life.

• Home life (taking the time to have fun with my wife and daughter)
- Fantastic!
• Work life (co-editing the premier wargaming magazine in the world, Wargames Illustrated)
- Fantastic!
• Commissions (Propping up the hobby fund with cool and exciting projects)
- My cup runneth over!
• Sleep (recharging the batteries)
- not so much.
• Hobby time (working on cool armies and having fun painting what I feel like)
- not so much.

"Wah, wah, wah, quit yer cryin' Taylor!" I hear you say.

On the whole I'm VERY happy with how things are going, but I'd like to get a little bit more time in on my own hobby, or at least some more time to do a few more altruistic things (like the Storm Wardens project). So something has to give.

I can't give up anymore sleep, and I'm not giving up my family or job, so the crunch has had to come with my commission stuff. I will be completing all the jobs I've agreed to do at the time they've been agreed, but as of today I won't be taking on anymore new jobs. I'll take stock again in January 2011, but until then I have to close the doors and get some of my hobby groove back.

I'm thinking of focusing on a Beastman army first up, the one I talked about back in February. More Minotaurs, some Centigors, finish up that Jabberslythe. I also need to paint up FOW Early War German Panzer Company soon and get rolling across the fields of Poland and France, as well as paint more of my Napoleonic British. There are also things I'd like to do for my Blood Pact and Genswick Rifles armies. And keeping up the quality of this blog would be nice too. So little time, but so much to do.

Oh, and there's Games Day coming up. I'd like to have a few quality entries for that : )

In the meantime, check out a job that has just arrived at the client's doorstep this week.

This Herald of Tzeentch is designed to fit in with his unit of Horrors made from the classic Familiars (still available from GWs collectors range, I think).

And this Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught. I added some armor plates to match the bracers he wears, added the banner instead of the sword, and then sculpted the legs emerging from tendrils of smoke/daemonic energy flowing from the belly of the Jugger.

Until next time, take care!



  1. I feel you on the commissions gig trust me. It's good though that you are stoping to spend more time on your own stuff because if you burn out doin commisssions then it takes all the personal fun out of it for you.Cheers Dave!

  2. Both models look fantastic - not something I would collect, but I can still appreciate the skill in modelling them.

    Good luck with the revised career choices. I hope that they work for you.


  3. And don't forget me pressuring you to join me on that 18mm Napoleonic Project as well... ;)

  4. Being a long time fan of your art I totally respect your decision to scale back on commissions, but it does sadden me to know that if I win millions I will have to wait a year to commission you to paint me something truly sublime.

    High five for choosing family.