Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a "smashing" week!

So, the reason I didn't post over the weekend, when I typically get a chance to, can be seen in the photo above. While on a work trip to Pittsburgh to photograph a fantastic Battle of Leipzig game I found myself the victim of a pretty crazy car crash. Another driver, entering the highway at speed, spun out on gravel and collided with me, who then proceeded to spin out and connect with the concrete barrier on the shoulder of the road. Fortunately no-one was injured, just a bit shaken up.

Suffice to say I was almost 4 hours late to the photo shoot and had to drive a compact rental back to Baltimore that night.

I wasn't really in the mood to post anything fun : (

But, now that a few days have gone by, I'm still worried about how I'll afford a new car, but I figured I'd show you all the Locust (Chaos vector-fighter) I've been mucking around with for the last little while and finished up for Adepticon.

The first batch of photos are of the Locust at the end of the build (10pm Monday night before Adepticon). It is fairly clear where the drop pod fins are, but some of the detailing of the plasticard is a bit tougher to make out.

One thing that should be clear are the power cables I used to draw power from the jet engine and divert it to the vector thrusters. These cables are available from Jeff at Dragon Forge Design.

One other thing you might notice if you take a close look at the picture above are the small pieces of etched brass. These little vents/grilles are from the Panniers set of brass from Justin at Secret Weapon. I haven't used a lot of etched brass stuff before, but these vents were just right for the job, adding that fine level of detail that would be nigh on impossible with plasticard.

As I mentioned above, I finished the build at 10pm, less than three days before I'd be heading to Chicago. After quickly snapping the photos above, with my old photo set-up as my work gear was already packed on a truck, I primed the sucker and started painting. By 1am Tuesday I had all the metal work done and had just laid down the liquid mask.

Rather than go for my standard dark red vehicle look, I decided on the bone colored flyer with dark red star. I painted the whole thing with a couple of layers of Dheneb Stone, painted Gryphonne Sepia into the shadows, the peeled off the liquid mask. I then had to highlight the edges with Skull White, and wrap up the detailing.

I love this pic above. It shows just how thin the Locust really is. Looks mean.

The base is from Dragon Forge Design, with the addition of the smoking brazier. I added that to represent a warp locator, figuring that the Veterans who descend from the Locust (counts as Vendetta) would actually "warp in" to a location determined by the Locust pilot. I mean, they obviously wouldn't fit in the plane itself ; )

I hope you've enjoyed this close-up look at the Locust fighter. Thomas and I can now go back and build fresh templates for it that might make it up on this blog (like the truck templates). I will say, however, that I think this might be the only one I ever build. Very time consuming.

So, as I contemplate my future financial situation (re: a new car) I'll leave you with two things.

The first is I may have to sell off an army to get a good-sized down payment together, if so, which would you guys like to see go up for auction? Custodes? Mechanicus? Cathay?

The second thing is, occasionally someone offers to by me a cup of coffee (or a beer) as a thank you for some of the advice I've been able to provide. It has been kind of tough to achieve that over teh Interwebs, until NOW! Over in the right hand column you'll find a little paypal button where you can "buy me a coffee", if you should feel so inclined : )

Well, that's it for tonight. Stay safe, look after your loved ones, and enjoy every day as much as you can!



  1. Donation complete sir.

    But I'm still buying you a beer when next we meet! ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about the accident dave, as I know the feeling sometimes. I dare say I can't buy an army off you but I can swing some cash otherways.. Commission appearance and such. Let me know. At least you are ok because in the end the life is far more important then the care. BTW custodes would be the choice I think you can really bankon.

  3. Glad to hear you are ok.

    Didn't the guy have insurance?

    take the settlement and buy a used Scion.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. Is sad to hear something bad happened to you but at least you managed to get out of it well, about your flyer It looks great to say amaze me how fast you get it painted.

  5. You have been one of the most inspirational modellers for me over the years Dave, I have gladly donated.

    The Locust looks awesome. It rekindles the idea I had to make a short film using miniatures and CG around the Double Eagle story.

  6. I'll say one thing about you Dave, it doesn't matter what you do, you do it in style!

    I'm not sure which looks more battered, your flyers or your car - lol.

  7. I saw that wonderful Locust in play at Adepticon. Thanks for letting me lurk and watch your 2nd game sir. If Brien and I get out of playing Flames of War, I'd love a chance to play against your traitor guard :) - Joe

  8. First off, the accident sucks, but at least YOU are ok. Cars are much easier to replace than people. I hope all turns out OK in that mess.

    In regards to the locust, that is pretty much exactly how I imagined them when reading Double Eagle. I really like what you did with the design and the use of bits. Templates would be really cool, I would build at least one as I have done with the truck. The use of the censor makes a lot of sense to me, plus it looks cool!

  9. Hey Dave,
    Glad to hear you are OK and sad to hear about the car! It was great to see you at Adepticon this year and I will gladly buy you a cup of coffee! I think the Custodes would be cool to see go up. Let me know if I could help in any other way.

    Best, C.J.

  10. It's not as easy to repair an immobilized vehicle as those damned Rhino drivers make it out to be. Odd how this unfortunate accident occurred so soon after being branded with the mark of heresy on your arm. Did the other driver resemble an Inquisitor?? Could've been an assassin!

    Take care,

  11. Dave: Bummer about the car! I am also sorry that I missed you at adepticon this year. Sometimes the demands of the job that pays the mortgage wins out. I WILL be there nest year.

    If you are serious about selling the Custodes let me know, my friend Alex would give up multiple body organs for that Army.. Of course if you decide to part with your Kislev force then I will part with Alexs' body parts to obtain it. :-)

    Hope to see you soon!


  12. Hi guys

    Thank you all for the concern and good thoughts. I'm still waiting to hear back on how much I'm actually getting for my car, but I've been looking around for a replacement. Looks like I'll be going down the path of "pre-owned" again, and hopefully the hobby fund will come close to covering the shortfall between the two numbers (insurance payout and car purchase price). Once I have those details I will know if any armies are for the auction block, crossing my fingers they aren't.

    Stay safe.

  13. Dave,

    It is sad that the bad driving of another person might create the need for you to sell some of your beloved figures. Can't you donate some organs instead?

    I agree with the others on the blog, if you do HAVE to sell an army, I think the Custodes would be the one that would generate the biggest financial windfall.

    You are one of my saved screens on Safari and your tips have helped me no end (never quite comes out as good as yours though of course). I'll happily donate a coffee for all the help over the years.


  14. Dave, if you want some free (you get what you pay for) legal advice PM me. Not only am I an attorney but I was involved in a similar accident two years ago. I think it was 2 years ago but the residue of the concussion keeps blacking things out. :-)


  15. Bummer about the wrecked car! Did it end up in your Bitz Box?

    Donation made with pleasure, sir.


  16. That thing turned out great. It has beeb fun watching it evolve. I cant wait to see templates.

    Thanks Dave

  17. Dave--sorry to hear about the crash. First question: Did the other guy have insurance? Second question? Were you injured?

    If he had insurance, you could try going through his carrier and not incurring your deductible (which you will get back when your carrier subrogates his) and if you were injured, you have the right to make a claim for damages against his policy. Both of which may help alleviate the gap between where you are now, and getting a new/er car without putting yourself into financial difficulty. G'luck!

  18. Sorry about the crash and I'm glad to hear that everyone was OK.

  19. Jeez Dave,

    I saw that car and the first thought was "Man, it's a good thing they drive from the other side of the car over there!"

    Good to hear no-one's hurt.


    Andrew Old

  20. Hey mate,
    Sorry to hear about the crash - yikes. Just glad that you are ok.
    All the best bud,

  21. Hi Dave,
    sorry to hear about the car, it really sucks to have to sell minis to cover something like that.

    On the Locust, very cool. The colour scheme makes it stand out too, but the scratch build is what defines the mini.

    Hope things work out ok with the car.

  22. Hi Dave, i know this post is quite old but i assume you get mailed when someone posts all the same. just wondering, are you still planning on putting the templates online for the locust at all as i'd love to replicate what you've done having just finished Double Eagle and Blood pact and decided the blood pact army i'm going to take to the throne of skulls tournament will need an airforce to go with it when i play apocolypse ;)